Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! Loot is Up Early!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you all found Lululemon Gift Certificates under your tree. I got two - yay!  Lululemon uploaded their Loot section early. I restrained myself and only bought a pair of black Feel Good pants. I got them to wear around the house - they will save wear and tear on my luon pants.  The stores will probably have them a bit cheaper - I've seen the hideous teal green and purple ones for $49 - but who knows if they'll have my size. I was debating about getting another pair of Passion Crops but I want to try the new Team Spirit knee length crops or Empower crops so I'll sit on my remaining gift card for today. The Canadian side seems to have a bit more loot but I guess it was dependent on what didn't sell.


pilatesmom said...

I got a nice big fat giftcard too : )

Dori said...

Jealous of the giftcards! I got the black Feel Good pants on the Loot page too! Also got a pair of Run Windsprint Pants too! I wanted shorts but they looked too iffy to judge without trying on.