Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lululemon Year In Review - Running is a Winner But Would Like More Choice in Tanks

Run: Spirit Pullover
Run: Hills Pullover

Run: Energy Pullover

Run: Empower Crop
I was looking back through my posts for the year trying to pick my favorite pieces that were released this year. Granted, I didn't try everything on, but I probably tried a majority of things, especially anything technical and made to sweat in. I would probably nominate as my top pick for function and prettiness the Run: Spirit Pullover. My second place picks would be the Run: Hills Pullover and the Run: Energy Pullover. For best bottom in terms of sweating, I'd have to pick the Empower Crop. Lululemon's Run design team has been knocking them out of the park this year.

Of the non-Run new tank designs I liked best, I'd have to choose the Tri Y and the Conditioning Tank. These are the two I would like to see re-released next summer. Of course, the Athletic Deep V and Cool Racerbacks are perenniel favorites and dominate my personal collection. The Tri Y is a great alternative to the Power Y for bustier ladies and is wonderful for hot workouts like spin. The Conditioning Tank is low support so I layer it with a Flow Y but I love the circle mesh back.

Conditioning Tank - Lullure Front with Circle Mesh Back

Tri Y Tank - More Supportive Than Power Y With Mesh Panel Down the Back

I bought quite a few jackets this year. I replaced my Shape with the new longer Gather Together. The GT and the Stride are fabulous new designs. The new Define jacket is a tweaking of the Shape jacket and a great choice for a shorter, fitted jacket.
Gather Together

Stride Jacket

Define Jacket

Wishes for the coming year -come up with another iconic Lululemon tank design that flatters most every shape, like the Scoop Neck Tank and the Deep V. Design prettier run tanks than the fugly Persistance, Sunrise, Inspire, and Skim Singlet. Give the space dye and pirate stripe prints a rest - I'd like to see more pretty florals and cute prints. Come up with a supportive bra for busty ladies that will fit under a Cool Racerback without showing any straps.


pilatesmom said...

The run spirit would be one of the tops for me this year as well. Other top pieces for me include the admiral jacket, over the top jacket, dog walking pants, apex coat, huff n puff vest, not so stuffy puffy, keep me cozy visor and mitts (can you tell I live in a cold climate?). Biggest surprise for me this year was the wunder under crop in green tartan: nearly barfed when I first saw them, they were marked down to $29 so purchased them to work out AT HOME in, wore them to the studio and FELL IN LOVE with how cute they were with a black shape jacket. I get ENDLESS compliments on them every time I wear them (go figure).

LuluAddict said...

I know I should put the Wunder Under Tights on the list. They have been very successful.I should also put the Scoop Neck tank because I'm pretty sure it was a new design this year and it's becoming a Lululemon iconic tank.

pilatesmom said...

I love the scoop tank and scoop bra. I think the style is very flattering to a wide range of bodies.

houndlvr67 said...

I have to agree with ALL of your picks as well as the fact that Lulu is definitely lacking in cute running tanks. I think that other than the Empower Crop the running bottoms are lacking as well. The Windsprint pants are ok but nothing really special. I love the gray pique luon that debuted this year, although it is a tad more fragile than the "normal" luon. I wish that they would make some wearable,fun cotton jackets without hoods or styling details that made me have flashbacks to the 80s. It wasn't a good decade for music or fashion...

missologist said...

i think the conditioning top is better for those who aren't as busty as it is not that supportive. but i love that top when doing hot yoga :)

mollywaffles said...

houndlovr67- re: wearable fun cotton jackets without hoods; I love my cozy up hoodie. It's a nice thick cotton material, with a funnel neck - no hood. I love it and have worn it so much since I got it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes on the more fun colors and prints! More like Spirit, Hills and Energy- and more Tri Y tanks!!! You hit the nail on the head!

AND get the cute colors on the website for those of us who live in the middle of nowhere!!!