Sunday, December 20, 2009

Items on Their Way to Stores - Tracker Jacket & Run: Leader of the Track

 Tracker Jacket
Can't say I like the looks of the Tracker Jacket much based on these photos. It has a retro look, looks very short and is boxy.  It does nothing for the educator wearing it. Pass.

Run: Leader of the Track Jacket

Very cute but I'm not a huge fan of pullover jackets. They wreak havoc with your hair if you are going to be taking them on and off a lot. I also would probably like it better without a pouch pocket cluttering up the lines in the front. I'll have to see this one in person.  

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pilatesmom said...

tracker jacket is a thumbs down - looks very short and not flattering, also nothing "special" about it. Run leader of the track looks "OK" - the elastic around the bottom makes it look like it will kind of puff out around the waist, also agree that the pullover style is not very handy.