Monday, November 23, 2009

Wear With All & Feel Good Pants Real Life Photos - Cute!

Here are a couple of photos of an educator modeling a pair of Wear With All Pants. They look cute on her. She must be a couple of inches tall than me because mine bagged up quite a bit at the bottom. It's not like I'm short - I'm 5' 5". I still don't like the cuffs but if you tuck these pants in a pair of Uggs know one will see them.


Here are a couple of photos of an educator modelling the Feel Good Pant. She's a twig with thin thighs so of course they look good on her. I really like my Static Feel Good Pants but I was insane to pay $78 for a pair of extremely casual looking sweatpants I wear only around the house.  The zipper rattles when I walk and keeps opening up on me but they are so soft and comfortable I forgive these problems.   I want to know what color Cool Racerback she is wearing, it's gorgeous.


I tried on a bunch of Lululemon's cotton tops last weekend. I liked the Luscious Scoop Neck Top a lot but it's just too expensive at $68 for a plain tee. The fabric is nice and soft but the style is nothing special to justify the price. I'll pay big bucks for Lululemon's technical fabrics like luon and luxtreme and highly engineered tops like the Deep V but I am leary of paying full price for plain designs in cotton stuff. I'd rather get Green Dragon or Hard Tail stuff for the same price.


pilatesmom said...

The cuffs on the WWA pants just make them look too much like old fashioned longunderwear or kids PJ pants. Can't deal with it. I really like my feel good pants because they make me feel good! My store had the static on sale for $49 so I grabbed em. My guess is her racerback color is antidote.

LuluAddict said...

Wow! Static Feel Goods for $49? I'll have to start making the rounds looking for them to be marked down. I've only seen the heathered oasis and purple that low. Feel Goods are just not a big seller. They are overpriced for simple sweatpants. I'm hoping they hit the loot section soon.

My local store had Remix Lulu Lights marked down to $69 so some of the newer stuff is starting to be marked down.

I was hoping her top wasn't antidote - that color is too bright in real life for an entire tank.

Dori said...

I love the Where With All pants! I hadn't noticed them in my store but I also didn't look that carefully. Now I want them. Great. More money to spend at Lululemon now... sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone on lulu's Facebook page posted that the tank color is Magic Mint. *want*

Anonymous said...

I love the luscious scoop neck top, does anyone know where I can get something similar cheaper?

Jodi said...

I've been trying to find the wear with all pants in that inky manifesto but when i called the GEC they said they "didnt exist" ... where can i get them?