Saturday, November 7, 2009

Run: Track and Field Pant - One Word: "Bulk"

I can't imagine the Run: Track and Field pants look good on anyone beside those with long, extremely thin legs. All the gathering along the inseam seems to add bulk even to the model. I tried them on and didn't like them. I'm not a fan of double layered pants (too much swishing noise as you walk) and the wide, gathered waistband felt, for lack of a better word, bulky. They remind me of the snowpants I'd wear as a child to go sledding in my wintery upstate New York yard.

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pilatesmom said...

The pleats in the front create a bit of a poochy look which isn't a great look for most ladies. If you're looking for an amazing cozy pant, try the dogwalking pants. A tech pant with a suuuuuper cozy fleece legging built in. Ahhhhhhhh.