Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent Ebay Buys - Deep V, Hip Halter Tank, and Stellar Tank

I've been going on a bit of an Ebay spree lately. I recently got the Athletic Deep V tank pictured above. I can't remember if that print ever showed up in the Deep V in my local stores. I remember a Tri Y in that print but not a Deep V.  Not that I love the print all that much but for the right price, I like a lot of stuff better than I do at full price. It also matches my Hills Crops that had the same flower design on the leg.

That brings up something I've noticed about Lululemon. I don't know if it is by design or accident but when Lululemon comes out with a color/print scheme not all the coordinating pieces show up in the store at the same time. They seem to dribble out pieces months apart and not all the stores(or even country) get the same pieces. That means if you want to complete an outfit you have to snap up a certain top or pant and then keep visiting the store or multiple stores hoping for the coordinating pieces to show up. In the past the matching headbands have been a six month to a year lag but they are getting much better about sending those out. Now they seem to be coming out pretty quickly. However, sometimes a store will only get a couple of headbands of certain designs or colors. For instance, I finally found a Deep Navy headband but they are pretty few and far between. I found a mesh headwrap in the new Power Purple at one store but another only got the Dance headband version. And why have they released a Dance headband in Mac N Cheese Yellow and Black when the color scheme used was yellow and Deep Navy? I don't get it.  The whole bait and reward cycle certainly feeds my into my Lululemon collector addiction.

Back to the Deep Vs: I don't know why all the Deep Vs come in solid colors these days. There is a great opportunity to dress the tank up by putting contrasting colors in the mesh areas. I am dying to see some pretty prints in tops. If Lululemon has lost the graphic designer that came up with their prints, I don't see why they can't reissue older prints. I know at my stores, the pretty prints were the first to sell out in any style.

The Hip Halter Tank (second photo) was out this spring I believe. The tank only ever came in a size 10 both in the stores and on line. However, a few size 12s have popped up on ebay so they were sold somewhere. I had lusted after this tank for awhile and was psyched to get it. Alas, it wasn't big enough in the chest and now it's back on ebay.

The third tank (last photo) I recently bought was a Stellar tank. This is very similar to the Cool Racerback and, in particular, its predecessor the Cool It Racerback, with the main difference being it has a built in bra. I had never bought one of these when they were in the stores a year or so ago but I really like it.  It's made of regular weight luon and has a very deep racerback, which probably my favorite style to exerice in. The straps give comfortable support. It has become my favorite around-the-house tank to wear.


BakerGirl said...

Does a store around you have the lucky tote? I'd love to see a picture of it being held or used by someone. It's hard to get an idea of just how big it is! I love it but need a functional bag.

LuluAddict said...

I've seen it in my store. It's pretty big. I'll try to find a picture of someone holding it.

Laurie said...

Wondering if you can give me any idea on the sizing of the Stellar tank? I'm thinking of grabbing one thats on Ebay, but I've never tried it on, so Im not sure & can't find anything anywhere online. Is it fitted to the bottom, or does it flare out a bit towards the waist? Love the look of a more traditional tank, but have to have the built-in bra for the girls! Thanks much - love your blog

LuluAddict said...

@ Laurie: It does flare out a bit but it definitely hugs your curves. I also think the tank runs on the large side, similar to a Cool Racerback.

mollywaffles said...

If you're on facebook, there's a review of the lucky tote on this lululemon page:

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Mollywaffles for the link!