Monday, November 23, 2009

Inky Manifesto India Yoga Photo Print - Close Up

I seriously considered getting the Scoop Neck Tank in the Inky Manifesto India Yoga Print but went with the Cool Racerback in Majestic instead.  I just didn't like the photos of the people in the print. For those of you considering this print, I've posted a close up.

I also tried on the Wear With All pant. They weren't that bad on. I don't like the cuffs but the gathering at the bottom didn't look awful. I don't think they are as soft as the Feel Good pant but they seemed to fit a litle looser through the thigh and leg. They run long so they will bunch up at the bottom which I think is as odd design decision on Lululemon's part. I thought all Lululemon's regular length pants were supposed to be sized for 5' 6" and below but the latest batch of pants seem to be sized for people at least 5' 8" and above. I might get a pair to knock around the house once they hit the sales rack for at least 50% off.  If I had to choose between the WWA pant and the Feel Good pant, I'd choose the Feel Good.


Marci said...

I bought the scoop neck manifesto, and love it. Please post a pic of your raceback in majestic! Love your blog!

pilatesmom said...

I"m not crazy about the photo part of it. Yes, post your majestic racerback.