Saturday, November 7, 2009

Action Gym Towel - Lower Price

Lululemon came out with the Action Gym towel last year around this time. I really liked it when I saw it in the store. It was nice and big and oh-so-soft. But, and this is a big but, it was $30.  I was just looking around the website and noticed the price of the Action Gym towel is now $16 which is much more reasonable. It doesn't have any embroidered words on it like the one in the photo does (the photo is of the old towel since I was feeling too lazy to get the picture off the website) but that is a good thing. Who wants to scrape their face on embroidery? It still has a zipper pocket which I don't think I'll use. I like to hang my towels over the bar of the elliptical or spin bike and things in the pocket will make it slip off. Anywho, since there is free shipping I thought I'd order one and see if I still like it. I have a feeling I will.

Update - Just got my towel in the mail today. It's pretty sweet. The terry is really thick and soft.  The pocket is really large and there is a hook on the edge for easy hanging. I think it is well worth $16 if you are feeling like a small splurge.


  • This luxurious gym towel makes you want to work up a sweat at the gym!
  • The perfect blend of bamboo and cotton which is both absorbent and super soft against your skin
  • Built in zipper pocket keeps your keys, coin and hair tie at your fingertips
  • Size: 20" by 30" English
  • Content: 40% Bamboo, 60%
  • Designed in Vancouver, Made in Turkey


pilatesmom said...

yeah, i was digging the reasonable price too. i have one on the way -- i a massive sweat machine when I work out so it should come in handy.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Both Thumbs Up!