Sunday, October 25, 2009

Try On Review: Cozy Up Jacket - Better Size Up!!!

I just got back from the Lululemon store where I tried on the new Cozy Up Jacket in solid black. If you are thinking of getting this jacket, you had better size up at least one size, if not two if you want to wear anything underneath it more substantial than a wafer thin tee or have a large chest. I could barely zip up the solid black Cozy Up I tried on in my normal size. It fits tight through the tummy and chest. Also, unlike the Remix Hoodie there is no give in the ribbed material at the bottom of this jacket. This jacket looks very similar to the Remix Hoodie except it doesn't have a hood - it's made of the same stiff, heavy cotton fleece. It runs very short in the torso, maybe even shorter than the Remix. I like the style but if I had to choose between it and the Remix, I would probably get a Remix.

Product Features from the Hang Tag:
It will keep you warm and toasty as you go from a steamy studio to the cool outdoors.
2. This Cozy is made from preshrunk COTTON FLEECE that you will never want to take off.
3. It has functional pockets for all your necessities.
4. The thumbholes help to keep sleeves in place.
5. It has chafe resistant flat seams.


CJRun said...

Hmmm...I remained the same size as the Remix (although I'm on the small side of my size to begin with and don't have an ample chest). But definitely noticed the tighter fit through the waist and belly. Fortunately the fit was still flattering (more holding in rather than emphasizing the "pooch"- and I like the tall neckline.

LuluAddict said...

Even though I like the look of this jacket, I'm just not a fan of the stiffness in this and the Remix. Do they soften up over time and with washing? I'd much rather wear my Northface Denali fleece since its much more pliable than these jackets.