Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stir Up Pant in Real Life - Not Bad, Except for the Stirrups

Just for laughs, I tried the Stir Up pant on this weekend. It was not nearly as ugly as I thought it would be. And, not nearly as ugly as it is on the website as the photo above shows. The pleats don't look that bad at all and I might even consider buying a pair except for the fugly stirrups at the bottom that bunch up the pant at the cuff. The pants run really long. I wonder if you can have the stupid stirrups cut off and have the pants hemmed in a normal way? They would actually look nice with a straight leg.


Anonymous said...

hey i just got a pair today and i think they look really unique and not at all that bad! if you are thinking of getting one and would rather have the stirrups out of the way, you may want to try just folding them inside the pant left and wear it that way :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, that's pant legs