Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remix Light Lulu Hoodie - Ribbed Version

This is a Remix Light Lulu Hoodie in DCSG - Dark Classic Sport Gray. I was sooooo close to buying this hoodie today but I ended up going home with the Coal/Vancouver version (posted below). It was so soft and fit awesomely - like I already had for months and had broken it in. This version of the Remix Light has ribbing down the sides although it's not indicated on the tag. I thought this Remix Light fit a little looser through the bust, upper back, shoulders, and upper arms than the Coal/Vancouver Remix Light I ended up getting. I like the lighter band of color at the bottom and sleeves, too.


houndlvr67 said...

As you know, I love my Coal/Vancouver light...I'm so glad you found one! I like the light better than the "Wear With All" because I think the length is more flattering on me. Sometimes sweaters that are so long end up making me look more "chubby" than I really am.

LuluAddict said...

I liked the Wear With All a lot but I couldn't see myself wearing it around the house if I felt chilly, which is one of my intended uses for the Remix Light. I really liked the one pictured above - it fit me better (looser) than the Coal/Vancouver remix light and it felt as soft as a pair of pajamas but the Coal/Vancouver is more striking to look at. You are right about the "pop" of red making the top. That and coal is a very contemporary color. The DCSG is a nice color combo but not eye catching.