Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Love for the Batwing Tee

The more I see the Freedom Batwing Tee in photos on various educators the more I like it. It comes in Charcoal and Black in addition to Fruity Tootie. I think I need to visit my store this weekend.


houndlvr67 said...

Now this might be cute. Lulu is going for the "double dip" here too-the top is cut so low, that one would HAVE to buy a bra to go under it!
You have to let me know how it fits :).

Anonymous said...

I was in a store yesterday and an educator was wearing the batwing. It looked terrific on her so I tried it on. I didn't love it on me. I sized down to an 8 (usually a 10), but there still was a whole lotta fabric going on. All that extra fabric looks ok on a cute size 4 educator, but not so much on me. I also thought the price was a little steep for a non-technical shirt. I did pick up a frootie tootie racerback on sale, though!