Thursday, October 15, 2009

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe, Part 2 - Tanks

Based on the colors and styles available on the Lululemon website right now, and not knowing how you are built - whether you are large or small chested, have armpit fat issues, etc. I would recommend either the Scoop Neck or Athletic Deep V tanks if you are just starting to build a Lululemon wardrobe.

They are both signature Lululemon designs that deliver function, fashion, and a flattering fit regardless of your body type. They both are supportive with wide straps and open backs that leave your shoulders free. Both bell out a bit at the bottom for a forgiving fit. If you don't want to flash much cleavage, then I would recommend the Scoop Neck. However, the Athletic Deep V has a few nice features such as a mesh back for cooling and a pocket in the back that is big enough to fit an iPhone.

If I had to choose one, I'd probably choose the Scoop Neck because I prefer the racerback to the straps of the Deep V and I don't have to worry about flashing too much cleavage in it.

Other Runner Ups:

Wrap Around Tank. The only thing that prohibits me from recommending this is that it is made of organic cotton which doesn't breathe and certainly doesn't wick moisture like luon. I love the look and fit of the Wrap Around but for heavy duty workouts, I prefer a technical fabric.

I also like the Swift Tank but it is made of luxtreme which is great for wicking but the luxtreme will show every bulge and ripple in your tummy. Luon is a lot more forgiving and hides a lot more. It is also heading into fall and winter and I consider luxtreme more of a hot weather fabric since it is so lightweight. I also found this top to be more of a low-medium support top rather than the max hold they claim. Also, luxtreme can snag so you have to be careful of it.

Another tank I like is the Free Ya Tank. I think it is a very pretty tank but the thin straps, low front, and really low back can make you self conscious of how much skin you are showing.

If you are looking for a technical tee shirt to work out in, I like the Run Swiftly Tech tee.


Tracy said...

no love for the power Y? i would say the power y and the athletic V are their 2 most basic, well known tanks.

LuluAddict said...

I tried to list the tops that provide the best fit for the widest variety of figures. I've found various tops have uncomfortable straps, show too much cleavage, have side boob issues, don't provide much support, etc. so I believe the Scoop Neck and Athletic Deep V are the most trouble-free tops. You can just put them on and concentrate on your workout.

RE: The Power Y - I am larger chested so I don't love the Power Y because the thin straps dig into my shoulders. I've owned a couple of them and ended up selling them. I much prefer the Tri Y with the thicker straps.