Thursday, October 15, 2009

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe , Part 3 - Everything Else

A reader asked me to comment on my favorite Lululemon items to help her decide what to get. Parts 1 & 2 covered Crops and Tanks. This will cover everything else. Feel free to chime in with your favorites.

I'm going to assume the reader is buying Lululemon because she wants to sweat and look good while she does it.


Based on what is available on the website there is really only one choice for workout pants - the Groove Pant. I've read comments that people prefer the double ring of color pants over the single ring. I think this is because the rings act like Spanx and help hold your tummy in. I have a couple pairs and really like them. I have the ones in the above photo. That is really the only pant I can recommend. I mostly work out in crops but when it gets cold I like my Grooves. I also have a pair of the original Extend pants and Yoga pants but they don't make those anymore so I can only recommend the Grooves.

For knocking around town, I live in my Still Pants. I have both the Still and Be Still in luon. I like both equally.


I have a bunch of Flow Ys that I layer under my low support, strappy tops. I am large chested so the Flow Y doesn't offer that much support by itself. However, in the low support tanks, it helps get me to level of support I need. I also have a bunch of Deep Vs. These are more supportive but they really show underneath the strappy tops. I've tried on the Ta Ta Tamer but they don't make it big enough for me. I think Lululemon's band and cup sizing is a bit on the small side so when I need max support I use my Donna Karan underwire sport bra. On me, the TaTa Tamer creates a boob shelf that resides right under my chin and I prefer my breasts to look more natural. I reviewed the Donna Karan a few months ago. I love this bra.


For a technical jacket to sweat in, I like my Shape Jacket and it's replacement the Define Jacket. I just bought a Remix Hoodie Light. I have a few others I like that have been discountinued: the Yohari, Sanctuary, Pulse Wrap, Origami, and Sportif running jacket.


I have four pairs of Relaxed Fit Shorts. I think the Knockout Shorts are the updated version of these. I also have a couple of pairs of Still Shorts which are my run around town shorts.


I love my Lululemon Gym Bags. They have tons of pockets and are very roomy. The Essentail Gym Bag is on sale and is a deal.

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Iryna said...

Thanks for doing this whole Three Part series, LuLuAddict! You've really helped me out!