Thursday, October 15, 2009

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe, Part 1: Crops

A reader asked me to list my favorite pieces of Lululemon. I'll start with the crops. Also, if any of you would like to comment in your favorite pieces, feel free.

I'm going to assume you want Lululemon for a studio class or the gym or some sort of major exercise. I assume you want two things out of your Lululemon - you are planning to sweat and you want to look good while you are doing it. Given those two requirements, you'll want your first pieces of Lululemon to be made from Luon. Luon has great wicking and a heavy weight that will help camoflage any cottage cheese, particularly in black, on the back of your thigh. Also, depending on how it is sewn and seamed it can have Spanx-like properties that help shape your thighs, rear, and tummy.

I have three favorite crops - the Boogie, the Grooves, and Extend Crop. I also like the Still Crops but they are very loose so if you use them for something like spin they are going to bunch up while you work out and distract you. I recommend Still Crops for those days you don't want a snug crop or are using them for a studio class like Bar Method where you don't invert your legs.

The Groove crops (first photo) are going to shape you the most - the double ring of color at the top of the crops helps hold your tummy in and the seams on the thighs do something magic to your thighs and rear. I always feel sleeker when I wear Groove crops. They do not have a drawstring at the waist so they can slip a little if you use them for running. They fit close the leg all the way to the knee where they bell out slightly.

However, sometimes all the shaping can dig into you during some activites and be distracting. If you want a grear pair of simple crops, I'd recommend the Boogie crops (second photo). I love my Boogie crops and they are probably my favorite crops right now. The slits in the back of the calf flap around and cool my legs a little during spin class. There is no shaping, so if you have a litte poochie tummy it won't be held in by the waistband like it is in the Groove crops. I love how the bottom bells out a little and gives you a great hourglass silhouette. They have a drawstring at the top to adjust the fit.

My third favorite crop is the Extend Crop (third photo). These are a bit looser in the thigh and leg but snug in the rear. They also have some seaming that does a little shaping and spanxing. These are a nice option for people who are pear shaped and carry their weight in their legs or don't want a pant that hugs their leg. They fit looser in the leg but they don't flap around.

I know a lot of people love Wunder Unders (last photo) but I can only recommend them if you have great legs. They are basically leggings and fit close all the way down the leg. There is no shaping. I'm not comfortable with that look so I've never bought any.


Amblus said...

Great info! I'm currently contemplating my first pair of crops and I wonder if you can help me with sizing? I fall squarely between two sizes on the Lululemon chart and everything I read online either swears the crops run small or swear the crops run big. Help?

LuluAddict said...

Hi Amblus,

What size you get depends on the crops you are looking at. With the Relaxed Fit and Still you should probably size down. I've also hear the Wunder Unders tend to fall but post a note on Facebook because I don't have a pair of those. The Boogies,Grooves, and running stuff hug your curves so size up. HTH.

Amblus said...

Very helpful, thanks!