Friday, October 9, 2009

Black Spirit Pullover - Gorgeous!

I dunno if I can justify getting a $118 fleece pullover here in Southern California, particularly since I am not a runner, but this top is so gorgeous I might just have to get one.

Product Features:
  • The perfect thermal midlayer for winter running
  • Wicking tech fleece has high-loft backing for added warmth
  • Off-set zipper keeps abrasion away from your face when zipped up
  • Tight scuba-shaped hood to keep wind out
  • Set your ponytail free from your hood!
  • Cuffins with thumbhole for cold fingers!
  • Secure back pocket for your belongings
  • Long length hem that won't ride up or stretch out
  • Reflective for 360° of visibility
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams


lavenderapothecary said...

I have Jet Pullover from two years ago and I got it in black. I only wear them for probably once or twice/year (during cold bitter day for 5k race). It is very similar with the Black Spirit Pullover, except mine is plain black. It is so useful for outside activities during bitter cold day (I live in Midwest). The pullover really hold the wind and the cold weather.

Flygirl K said...

A Google search showed that they're releasing this in more colours, including Coal and Fruity Tootie. Now, do I return my black one and wait for the new colours, or keep it and by another??

mollywaffles said...

I'm in NJ where I will definitely get some wear out of this when running in the winter... trying to decide between fruity tootie and coal.