Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Limit Tank - Bringing Fashion Into the Gym/Studio

The No Limit Tank is a great example of what Lululemon does best - bringing fashion into athletic wear. The middle photo is of a similar looking casual-wear top by Ella Moss, a popular designer here in LA.

The No Limit Tank is basically a luon Flow Y bra with a blousy, loose-fitting circle mesh tank attached at the neckline and in back. I have stretched it out to show the details. It doesn't really dip as low as it looks in the armpit area to expose your sides. On me there is about a 1" deep and 2" wide triangle of skin showing (I'm 5'5") which I am not thrilled about but my heart rate monitor strap covers it up just fine.

As I have written before I am a huge fan of circle mesh. I think this top is a great combination of functionality and fashion. It's breathable, comfortable, feminine, and sexy. It would be perfect for a studio class or hot yoga (or even a night out). It would probably make a great tank for those who are expecting since there is plenty of room in the tummy area and you can adjust the length to blouse it up as much as you want.

PS - I wore this to spin yesterday and loved it. My back felt very cool.

No Limit Tank Product Features:
- Push yourself to the limit in circuit class without breaking a sweat!
- 2 in 1 Tank - Luon bra that offers low/moderate support, loose circle mesh outer layer offers coverage and max airflow
- Wide waistband for comfort and fit
- Chafe resistant, flat-seamed
- $58
- My tag said this top was made in Canada! (yay for North American manufacturing!)


Flygirl K said...

None of the stores in Canada (cold stream) got this tank, and I'm so upset!! Have you seen it in stores lately (i.e. is it still around)? I have a cousin in SF who I might have to send on a mission!

LuluAddict said...
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LuluAddict said...

Call the GEC to see if they still have it. It was defnitely sold in Canada because I'm pretty sure I got that photo from one of the Canadian store's Facebook sites.

Flygirl K said...

When I called the GEC, they had never heard of it, and the girl finally said that Robson may have gotten some, but that she didn't think any other Canadian stores did. Sigh. So helpful.