Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Praise of Circle Mesh

It's been in the 90s with high humidity for the past two weeks here in Southern California. Never have I appreciated wearing Lululemon's Circle Mesh fabric more than I have lately. I have two tops made from Circle Mesh - the Sequence Tank and the Conditioning Tank (reviews are given below). Lululemon also uses Circle Mesh in various high sweat areas on its running line.

I think I find Circle Mesh even more breathable than Silverescent. It definitely feels softer against the skin. Also, Circle Mesh doesn't have those ugly lines of silver running through it which detract from the looks of the tops. Lululemon uses silver to control odor but is stinkiness really that big a worry with women? I wonder if Lululemon could design a Deep V using Circle Mesh on the abdomen similar to its use on the Sequence tank. That would be awesome.

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