Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bulerias Tank In Real Life - Your Mileage May Vary

I've posted a couple of photos of the Bulerias Tank to help those of you who are thinking of ordering one. There was a post Lululemon's Facebook page from a person who had the older version of the Bulerias. She warned that the pleats have a tendency to puff out and make you look heavier. The top photo is of an educator modeling the Bulerias where it looks like the 'puffy' effect has taken place. Perhaps it would lay flatter if she went up a size. However, she probably chose that size to be snug on her chest which is always my first consideration in buying a top with a built in bra. I haven't had an opportunity to try one on yet so I can't give a first hand report but these photos are illuminating. I still think the Bulerias looks very pretty and comfortable and I don't know if the puffy effect would particularly bother me but it is something to be aware of.

PS - The bottom photo is of the older Dance Strap Tank that Tracy mentions in the comments as having a better fit on the body.

Try On Notes - I tried this on today. I looked a lot like the top photo of the educator. If you have some boobs, the top part is going to look "short" like it does on the educator, which kind of ruins the proportions of the tank. I think this top works best for very thin, less endowed women (although read Tracy's comment - she says she does have much chest-wise and it did the same to her). It definitely fits true to size. Too bad they didn't make a size 12.


tracy said...

I have no bust, but the top fabric still folded over and didn't lay flat like on the model. I feel like the dance strap tanks had less of this problem due to how the shelf bra is sewn in. Also, the puffiness can be attributed to the pleats in the luon. Once you wash it it'll puff out and you can't iron them back to being crisp and flat like in on the model.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for your input Tracy!!! Anyone who is thinking of getting this top should be aware of these issues.

tracy said...

Haha no problem. I'll find any way to talk about shopping and lululemon! By the way, on Friday Plaza El Segundo had salutation tanks and tight & minis on sale, as well as larger sizes in grooves and rock outs. I'm surprised to see fall stuff already on sale, especially the purple/black rock outs that I bought at full price yet still haven't worn due to repeat hemming issues. Then again, I can see how the salutation tanks and tight & minis might not be so popular.

LuluAddict said...

Oooh, sale in El Segundo? Hmmm, trying to think how I might squeeze in a trip there. I cleaned up there this summer on sale stuff. Thanks for the tip!