Saturday, August 1, 2009

OMG!!! - This Blog Has A Mention in New York Magazine

Wow!!! I've hit the big time with a mention in New York Magazine's article on Lululemon, Lust for Lulu. Thanks to the Yoga Dork blog for the find. Here is the paragraph with the mention:

Avril Lavigne wears Lulu. Brooke Shields wears Lulu. Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox, Kate Winslet, and Kate Hudson wear Lulu. There are Lululemon blogs with names like Lululemon Addict and hundreds of Facebook groups, many devoted to celebrating Lululemon’s ability to make butts look great, with evidentiary photographs.

I'd like to comment on a couple of points from this article:

Luluheads - The Community Relations Director calls Lululemon fans "Luluheads." Hmmmm. I dunno about that. I know New York is one of the newer markets in America for Lululemon but I've never read the term 'luluhead' on any fansite or facebook post. I have, however, read the term lemonhead. Also, the head is not where we wear our Lululemon. I don't like it and reject it.

Lululemon Bags on Every Block of NY's Upper East Side - As it happens I was just in New York earlier this month, on both the upper east and upper west sides. I think I spotted a sum total of 3 Lululemon shopping bags and perhaps two people sporting Lululemon pants while out jogging. Lululemon may be big in the studios of NY, but it isn't out on the street much (yet).

Didn't Mention the Lululemon Blog Site Lululemon Blog has been around a lot longer than this site. However since we are the Addict site it probably went better with the author's them of lusting for Lululemon. Yoga Dork also covers Lululemon a lot but is primarily a yoga oriented blog.

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yoga bear said...

Thanks for the shout out! You rule!