Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try On Review: Free Ya Tank - A Winner

If you are in the market for a strappy open-backed tank, take a look at the Free Ya tank. This tank is very flattering with an a-line cut and longer length. There is lots of detail at the bust and Lululemon hasn't posted the cutest version of this tank - black with a contrasting white 3 Print at the bust which I was able to try on at the store. It's hard to tell in the photo but the shoulder straps are really two straps overlayed on top of each other. The bottom one is sewn in to the garment but the top attaches via hooks. The girl at the store told me you can cross the straps but I didn't try it on that way. This is a lower support tank so there is only a 1/2" strip of elastic in the built in bra instead of the 1" in the more supportive tanks. If I didn't already own a bunch of strappy tanks (I already have the Twisted, Gather V, 3 Set, and Movement tanks), I would totally get this one.

  • Free 'ur back with this wide scoop back tank
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Low/medium support tank w/ built-in bra
  • Adjustable strap that comes with it's own pocket to keep u'r strap inside u'r tank
  • Bra has pockets for cups

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