Friday, May 15, 2009

Twisted Tank - Hot!

How great does this woman look in the new Twisted Tank? (My husband walked over to take a closer look when I opened the product alert - he really appreciates what Lululemon does for the female form ;-) ). It looks very similar to the Conditioning Tank in the front with the gathers at the bustline. I must try this on!

[PS - I have to say I really dislike the female fit model used on the website. It may just be me, but I don't think she helps sell the clothes at all. She is built just a little too boyishly (wasn't Lululemon started to cloth women in their 30s - well most of us have curves) with an insanely long torso (I'm 5'5" and my Groove pants don't hit me 4" below my navel), wide shoulders, straight waist, no hips and not much bust. Not that they should use a woman like in the above photo - that would be a bit too much like Bebe sport. They should go back to using headless mannequin forms in their photos. A generic form lets us insert our bodies into the garment. If you want to use photos of actual people use photos of Ambassadors or educators.]

  • Some like it loose - adjustable strap tank with a relaxed cut
  • Front bust detail adds fullness to the bust for the less endowed
  • Hidden hem drawcord can be cinched so it will stay in place during activity or for a different look
  • Low open back keeps you cool
  • Longer length provides bum coverage
  • Wear this with your Wonder Unders or Boogie Shorts to class
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric

    tracy said...

    Funny, I like that the clothes are on real people instead of mannequins. Makes me feel better when I see that the straps, sides, or inner bra band also squeezes their fat and makes a slight roll (however slight it is, it makes me feel better).

    When I read you had a low armhole and loose strap problem on some tanks, I realized I have the opposite problem, because I'm the opposite of you, body-wise. I'm 5'1" with wide shoulders and no bust. I wear a 6 in most strappy tanks and pants, but need an 8 for deep V tanks to fit my shoulders. Tanks like Ujayi and Power Y hit high under the armpits and the straps are a bit tight, again due to wide shoulders and no boobs to pull the fabric down. Going up a size in strappy tanks makes the top too loose and doesn't help my strap problem. =^)

    LuluAddict said...

    Interesting about your strap issues because of wide shoulders. I have narrow shoulders but a large chest. I size up for the chest but the tops are designed for wider shoulders and hence my armpit issues.