Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Adventures of Old Christine - Lulutastic

Last night's episode of New Adventures of Old Christine featured a bunch of clothes from Lululemon. I love when I spot Lululemon on tv shows. This episode spent most of the time in a gym so they got to showcase a lot of athletic wear. I spotted some Bebe Sport in the background players, too. Julie Louis-Dreyfus wore a black Deep V, three different athletic Deep Vs from the Spring line, and a Tri Y. She also paired it with Lululemon pants. She is the typical SoCal Lululemon consumer - fit, affluent, and in her 30s/40s (honestly, who else can afford to buy Lululemon unless you work at a store) - and she looked great. This isn't the first time I've spotted Lululemon on the show. In the photo above, Barb is wearing a Shape Jacket.

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yoga bear said...

nice one. Still trying to look for an old episode of lipstick jungle.