Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boob Booster - Another April Fool's Joke?

Just posted on the Lululemon website - The Boob Booster.

So, the Lululemon folks have assured me that the Boob Booster is not a joke. I asked them to dig up a photo of an actual person wearing it. I just can't envision wearing it if you have large breasts and I can't see needing it if you have small breasts.

What tops would you wear this over? I just got a 3 Set Tank which is low support but I can't see how this would look good. Maybe it goes over the dance tops. Hmmm.

Update - The Lululemon Athletica Facebook page just uploaded a video of someone wearing the Boob Booster. For some reason, the video is in Spanish. Even though I don't understand much Spanish beyond mas cerveza por favor and a few swear words, I believe the video can be translated as - you can only pull this off if you are SMOKIN HOT.

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Laura said...

Zusana at wears these and happens to be smokin hot. Tempted to try it but not sure. I've got an athletic body, but...