Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Romp "Her"

Hmmm. I guess I applaud Lululemon's willingness to try new things but maybe they could try bringing back favorite classics like the Spark Tank and the old version of the Extend pants without the saddle ass instead of straight-to-markdown stuff like this. How do you go to the bathroom without plopping the top part in the toilet?

  • A yoga 1 piece that is no fuss
  • Stretch, twist, move & turn without showing too much skin!
  • Snap closure hem for individual adjustment
  • Built-in shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Certified organic cotton yarn was used to make this fabric
  • Preshrunk

1 comment:

houndlvr67 said...

What were they smokin at the design meeting for this one??? The only ladies that I can envision wearing this would be named "Summer Moonbeam Bellflower"...