Monday, March 16, 2009

Relaxed Fit Short (I & II) - My Favorite Short!

I have a few different styles of Lululemon shorts - Still Short, Hot Yoga Short, Spin Short - but my favorites have to be the Relaxed Fit Short. I own four pairs of them. I love wearing these shorts around the house on hot summer days. These shorts fit snug over your bottom and looser in the leg. The looser leg is great for those of us with "athletic" thighs. The waistband is wide, flat, and double layered which helps flatten your tummy.

I have a couple of pairs in the Tall version because I wanted more coverage for the gym. Moreover, the regular length hits me at the widest point of my thigh and tends to ride/bunch up on me -YMMV. Going up a size doesn't help; it just results in the extra fabric at the crotch giving me a polterwang. For me, the tall version of these shorts is perfect. Since I am 5'5" the tall version is like wearing slightly short, really comfortable bike shorts that don't cut off the blood in my thighs trying to stay in place. In my size, the regular version has a ~ 3.5" inseam and the tall version has a ~7" inseam.

The Lululemon website lists both a version I and II of the Relaxed Fit short. From comparing the shorts in my drawer the differences I can see are: version I has the drawstring tie outside the short and the II has the tie on the inside. Also, version I has a diamond shaped gusset at the crotch and version II has a small triangular shaped gusset that starts from the midpoint back. Both versions have a pocket attached to the waistband on the inside for your keys or ipod.

Verdict: Worth paying full price.

PS - A word to the wise, if you dig through to the bottom of the pile of the Relaxed Fit shorts in your local Lululemon store you can often find these marked down - especially for discontinued colors. (Actually, that advice probably works for most any pant except Groove Pants) Three out of my four pairs I have gotten for 40-50% off the list price of $48.

  • Relaxed fit for high impact sport
  • Drawsting at waist to customise your fit
  • Interior pocket for keys and $
  • Coolmax gusset designed for sport
  • Chafe free-flat seams


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a pair of relaxed fit II shorts in a 6 tall and loved them!!! The only problem is, I can't find any more! Don't see any on the web site and I called the GEC number and they couldn't find any either! Any ideas?

Jen Stevenson said...

Yes, I've called LLL many times and they just don't make these shorts anymore. They are the best shorts ever. I only own 3 pair and I NEED more.

So then I found the Still II short. They are a longer short but comfortable and I wear these in the winter months. I just cannot wear long pants!!
These too have been discontinued.

LLL you drive me crazy!!!!!

LuluAddict said...

When Lululmeon stops making an item, the only recourse is to find it on eBay. I've bought quite a lot of my LLL on eBay and have never had a problem.