Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swift Tank - Try On Review

I had to pick up a couple of hemmed pants today so I took the liberty of trying on a few new things. I really liked the Swift Tank but ended up getting a Tri Y in a print that matches my Hills Crops.

The Swift Tank is made of Luxtreme which is buttery soft and light; it almost feels like you are wearing nothing. The back has a crossover strap and mesh in the lower back like the Athletic Deep V tank. All in all it is a very lightweight tank perfect for summer. A couple of issues that made me decide in favor of the Tri Y this shopping trip. One is that it doesn't come with cups but does have the pockets so you can add your own. The Luxtreme is so lightweight that you almost need the cups for more coverage in the lighter colors. Although the Luxtreme is very lightweight it is not very supportive so I would class this as a low support tank for larger breasted women. The other is that the armpits rode a little lower than I prefer but I think that is due to me overwhelming the support of the top. This top was so lightweight and comfortable I will definitely consider getting it my next shopping trip.

  • Ab x-training that works for all sports
  • luxtreme provides inherent quick wicking properties
  • High Lycra content for max hold and performance
  • Crossover back for max breathability
  • Chafe resistance - flat seams


Chelsea said...

did you know that every lululemon tank top with cup inserts come with a set of cups?! They may not be in the top already, but just ask one of the educators and they'll get you a pair!

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for the tip - I didn't know you could ask for a pair. That is good to know since I believe they are $8 a pair to buy them separately. Although, I have a ton at home from my other tops.

Colleen said...

thanks for your thoughts, just bought the swift tank today.
Do you know if I just wash the tank with the cups or remove them and then wash them?

Anonymous said...

I was told to take the cups out and throw them in the wash with the rest; that if left in, they get "wrinkled up". I've done that and it works fine.