Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Groovin Crop Tie - The Best!

My favorite crops are the Groovin Crop Tie and its earlier version, the Plank Crop. It's a medium impact crop and perfect for cardio. It fits snug in the thigh and bells out a little at the calf. The waistband has a couple of rings that act as a defacto tummy tuck to keep poochy bellys looking flat(ter). One of my favorite features is the placement of the vertical seams. The outside seams are moved to the back of your thigh so nothing digs into you when you lay on your side. Even better if you happen to be blessed with pillowy thighs, the inner seams are offset so they don't rub against each other.

Bounce Breaker - Bleh

I've tried the Bounce Breaker on a couple of times when it showed up on the sales rack. It comes in cup sizes such as 36C. It was one of the rare Lululemon bras that gave me a uniboob look. It could be because it doesn't have separate cups for each boob but I have the Cool Swift bra and it doesn't smash the girls down like the Bounce Breaker.

Practically Pornographic - Lift & Separate Bra

If you want a work out bra that makes your breasts look fantastic, get the Lift and Separate. It gives you cleavage like you had a boob job. I find the tee back bothers my neck a little but the girls look so good I don't care. The support is fine for medium impact activities.