Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lulu Seamless Tee

I was planning on taking the money and running when I returned my too-small Trail Tech, But Then I spotted the Lulu Seamless Tee in my size in Razzmatazz pink. I've had my eye on it for awhile but they've always been out of my size.

I've tried on Lululemon's other performance tee, the Swiftly Tech SS, a couple of times but I never loved how it looked or felt. It was always a little baggy in the armpit and neck area. The Seamless Tee is very smooth and soft, almost like the way you like pajamas to feel. Maybe because it is made of micro fiber. It's supposed to be wicking and quick dry. I plan to give it test spin at the gym tomorrow so I'll report back but I anticipate it will feel great. I could definitely buy a couple of these if they weren't so expensive.

I also picked up a cream with black trim Shapely Tank on the markdown rack for $19. See, I told you I would like it better if it were cheap. I have way too much Lulu now and have to put some up for sale on ebay. I made a killing on the other tops I sold.