Sunday, December 14, 2008

Steal On Ebay - Sportif Jacket

I just got a brand spanking new Sportif Running Jacket. I can't find any old pictures of it but it was out last spring and I remember lusting after it when I saw it in the store. It retailed for $115 but I got it off ebay for $35 plus shipping. The person who sold it obviously didn't know the thriving secondary Lululemon market that exists on Ebay and they set the start price way too low. Only one other person bid against me and I won it for a bid that was 24 cents higher than hers - ha!

It has so many nice features - a longer back so it kind of covers your rear, cuffins to keep your hands warms, and ipod cord holes to feed your headphone cords through the pocket and out at the neck of the jacket. It also has lots of venting to make it cool for running. I think it is very similar to the Boost jacket (from the photos).

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