Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Summer Favorite - Embracer Tank

One of my favorite tops from this summer was the Embracer Tank I & II. I got the exact one I am showing in the photo. I love the pattern - so feminine!

The Embracer Tank is a very simple top but is cut so well that all shapes are flattered. Look how nice it drapes the mannequin! It comes very deep in back so it is great for hot weather. It is made of Lullure or Luxtreme. I can't remember which but it is the lightweight, shiny version of Luon.

I love this tank so much I paid full price and bought the matching Grooving Tie Crop. I will admit other people didn't seem to love this top as much as me since I saw quite a few on the sale rack, but I love it and hope to see it again next summer. The Embracer II is the same thing except it has a mesh stripe down the back with an ipod pocket at the bottom. For some reason it fits a little tighter.

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