Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Classic - The Vitalize Tank

I got the Vitalize Tank about a month ago. I got a black with the brownish leopard looking trim although it really isn't leopard pattern but some odd Lululemon photo pattern that I haven't spotted on anything else in the store.

It is a very flattering style - doesn't it look nice on the mannequin? I thought it looked great when it was on the hanger. It totally shows off the girls. Hip length so it covers my poochy belly. That is one thing I like about Lululemon - the tops are long. I bought a Nike tank top once that shrunk so it ended right below my waist. Not only did it cut me in half to make me look six inches shorter but it was a great way to draw attention to my saddlebags and bedonkadonk rear.

The Vitalize tank has a mesh bra (they call it Silverescent in the write up). The mesh bra is awesome. It really makes my back feel cooler when I start to sweat. I hope they start doing this in a lot of their tops. I know often the cup pockets are made of mesh but I like the mesh back.

I like the look of this top so much that I am tempted to wear it out with jeans.

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