Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lululemon's Horrible Fall Collection - Ujjayi

I visit Lululemon about once a month. It is my reward to myself to keep going to the gym. This fall's new designs were some of the worst I've seen in the year and a half since I discovered the awesomeness that is Lululemon. Last year I discovered the genius that was the Deep V top, the Whisper, the Spark, Power Y, and the Repose. Here are a few of Lululemon's misses for the fall:

First, the color pallette. Pretty depressing palette especially Fig, a grayish mauve. The feather pattern was boring, too. Where were the beautiful florals?

Ujjayi - Why is Lululemon making this one of their flagship styles? It comes in all the newest patterns and colors. I've tried to like this top, I've tried it in every color that it comes in and I can't like it. It just comes too low in the armpits so I either have side boob issues or armpit fat issues. That was one of the problems I had with the Power Y and why I used to wear the Power V. I even mentioned the armpit thing to the sales girl and she said other people had the same problem. I see they have a new style that looks to be higher in the armpits - the Tri Y Tank - so maybe they are working on fixing it.

Revision - Since writing this I have come to own a couple of Ujjayi tanks and grown to really like them. I wear a Flow Y bra underneath it for more coverage since I feel the armpit is low on me. The open back on the Ujjayi is really great for sweaty cardio. I find the bra and thick straps very supportive and like the ipod pocket in the back.

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