Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elite Gym Bag

I got this exact bag a few months ago on sale at the El Segundo store. This and the Activa Gym bag have been on markdowns for awhile. I've had quite a few compliments on it.

Unlike my old Nike bag, this one has lots of room and lots of pockets for my stuff. It has a separate pocket at the bottom which I use for my spin shoes. I always carry two hand towel sized gym towels, a comb, face cleansing cloths, a book, an ipod, and a jacket. This bag has room for all of that and more. There are two exterior pockets for water bottles plus two more exterior pockets. It even has a laptop pocket but that is where I put my cell phone and ipod. I like that it is all vinyl and is easy to keep clean. However, the houndstooth plaid pattern makes it difficult to see any dirt. I see some of the binding on the bottom of mine is starting to wear away so I'll keep an eye out for another bag on sale.

I looked at the Activa bag but although it is just as roomy and has lots of pockets, it is made of cloth on the outside. It also isn't nearly as good looking as this one.

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