Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Groovin Crop Tie - The Best!

My favorite crops are the Groovin Crop Tie and its earlier version, the Plank Crop. It's a medium impact crop and perfect for cardio. It fits snug in the thigh and bells out a little at the calf. The waistband has a couple of rings that act as a defacto tummy tuck to keep poochy bellys looking flat(ter). One of my favorite features is the placement of the vertical seams. The outside seams are moved to the back of your thigh so nothing digs into you when you lay on your side. Even better if you happen to be blessed with pillowy thighs, the inner seams are offset so they don't rub against each other.

Bounce Breaker - Bleh

I've tried the Bounce Breaker on a couple of times when it showed up on the sales rack. It comes in cup sizes such as 36C. It was one of the rare Lululemon bras that gave me a uniboob look. It could be because it doesn't have separate cups for each boob but I have the Cool Swift bra and it doesn't smash the girls down like the Bounce Breaker.

Practically Pornographic - Lift & Separate Bra

If you want a work out bra that makes your breasts look fantastic, get the Lift and Separate. It gives you cleavage like you had a boob job. I find the tee back bothers my neck a little but the girls look so good I don't care. The support is fine for medium impact activities.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lulu Seamless Tee

I was planning on taking the money and running when I returned my too-small Trail Tech, But Then I spotted the Lulu Seamless Tee in my size in Razzmatazz pink. I've had my eye on it for awhile but they've always been out of my size.

I've tried on Lululemon's other performance tee, the Swiftly Tech SS, a couple of times but I never loved how it looked or felt. It was always a little baggy in the armpit and neck area. The Seamless Tee is very smooth and soft, almost like the way you like pajamas to feel. Maybe because it is made of micro fiber. It's supposed to be wicking and quick dry. I plan to give it test spin at the gym tomorrow so I'll report back but I anticipate it will feel great. I could definitely buy a couple of these if they weren't so expensive.

I also picked up a cream with black trim Shapely Tank on the markdown rack for $19. See, I told you I would like it better if it were cheap. I have way too much Lulu now and have to put some up for sale on ebay. I made a killing on the other tops I sold.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Serious Underwear - Technikini

I splurged and bought myself some Lululemon performance underwear. The technikini runs $18 a pair. It's pretty awesome - very comfortable and sturdily made. If you have an extra $20 burning in your pocket, get some Lulu underwear, you won't be dissapointed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Ombre' Coming?

I stopped at the Lululemon in El Segundo today. They had the new Camisole Tank. I didn't try it on because its one of those organic cotton tops. I do cardio and spin so I like the wicking/quick dry properties of the luon, lullure, and luxtreme.

If I did yoga more I might look into the cotton tops but for right now I stick to technical fabrics. Additionally, it has been cold so it is hard to imagine buying skimpy should-baring workout tanks now.

They had the Camisole top in a couple of version of ombre' (def.: from the French ombrer meaning to shade - a dip dye effect where the color graduates from light to dark) which is supposed to be big this spring.

Personally, I love ombre patterns and am excited to see it potentially become part of my Lululemon workout wardrobe. They had the top in a gray to black ombre and a pink to purple ombre. I already bought the Trail Tech in the pink to purple version and found my correct size at this store. Now I have to return the other. Sigh... another trip to Lululemon ;-) .

They had a good number of things marked down but no where near the fire sale prices they had at the Chino store. The lowest priced top I saw was $29 for the Cool It Racerback tanks. I like the tank and own one but I just bought a ton of Lululemon so I decided to pass on it. Maybe I'll come back the day after Christmas to see if they really want to get rid of them. One good thing about their sales rack is that they had a lot of large sizes left so must be only skinny minnies shop at that store.

The El Segundo store also had a great selection of headbands. The most variety of colors and patterns of any of the SoCal stores I frequent. I picked up one in an ivory print they had this fall.

It looks like the Origami jacket is going to become one of their flagship new designs. They had quite a few new colrs in jewel tones - green (Nori/Kale), purple (hydrangea/orchid flower), and blue (blackberry/royale) - and a couple of denimy patterns.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Summer Favorite - Embracer Tank

One of my favorite tops from this summer was the Embracer Tank I & II. I got the exact one I am showing in the photo. I love the pattern - so feminine!

The Embracer Tank is a very simple top but is cut so well that all shapes are flattered. Look how nice it drapes the mannequin! It comes very deep in back so it is great for hot weather. It is made of Lullure or Luxtreme. I can't remember which but it is the lightweight, shiny version of Luon.

I love this tank so much I paid full price and bought the matching Grooving Tie Crop. I will admit other people didn't seem to love this top as much as me since I saw quite a few on the sale rack, but I love it and hope to see it again next summer. The Embracer II is the same thing except it has a mesh stripe down the back with an ipod pocket at the bottom. For some reason it fits a little tighter.

Horrible Fall Collection - Sirsa Tank

Sirsa Tank - Yet another boring top that only draws attention to my poochy tummy. It doesn't look very exciting in the photo, can it look any better on?

Horrible Fall Collection - Fitness Tank

Fitness Tank - A yawner that won't get me to shell out full retail price. It might have potential if it came in a cool pattern or they played with blocks of color but it never did.

Horrible Fall Collection - Alluring Tank

Alluring Tank - Anything but. I've tried this on a couple of times but it fit odd through the chest and armpit area. Total miss for me. Such a boring design, especially for Lululemon, that will not get me to shell out $50. If it gets marked down substantially I might get it to clean the house in but at full price, fuhgedaboutit. The photo also demonstrates the awful Fig color in the boring feather pattern - the color does not energize me to get to the gym.

Lululemon's Horrible Fall Collection - Ujjayi

I visit Lululemon about once a month. It is my reward to myself to keep going to the gym. This fall's new designs were some of the worst I've seen in the year and a half since I discovered the awesomeness that is Lululemon. Last year I discovered the genius that was the Deep V top, the Whisper, the Spark, Power Y, and the Repose. Here are a few of Lululemon's misses for the fall:

First, the color pallette. Pretty depressing palette especially Fig, a grayish mauve. The feather pattern was boring, too. Where were the beautiful florals?

Ujjayi - Why is Lululemon making this one of their flagship styles? It comes in all the newest patterns and colors. I've tried to like this top, I've tried it in every color that it comes in and I can't like it. It just comes too low in the armpits so I either have side boob issues or armpit fat issues. That was one of the problems I had with the Power Y and why I used to wear the Power V. I even mentioned the armpit thing to the sales girl and she said other people had the same problem. I see they have a new style that looks to be higher in the armpits - the Tri Y Tank - so maybe they are working on fixing it.

Revision - Since writing this I have come to own a couple of Ujjayi tanks and grown to really like them. I wear a Flow Y bra underneath it for more coverage since I feel the armpit is low on me. The open back on the Ujjayi is really great for sweaty cardio. I find the bra and thick straps very supportive and like the ipod pocket in the back.

Origami Jacket - A Staple

I got the Origami Jacket a couple of months ago in Ivory. I wanted a jacket to go with my brown pants. Of all the Lululemon jackets I've owned, this one underwhelms me the most. I've been seeing a lot of them on the sale racks, particularly the navy, purple, and ivory.

It is longer which I like and it has a 2 way zipper. However, it doesn't have an interior pocket for my sunglasses. That is one thing I like about my Shape Jacket. The Origami only has two little pockets in the front and the openings are on the small side so I can't get my hands, sunglasses, or even keys in them.

For a jacket that I didn't like at first, I currently have two of them in my wardrobe. They are my go-to jacket for weekend errand running or watching my kid's soccer games.

Run:Shrug Tech - The prettiest running shirt ever

I fell in love with this shirt the minute I saw another woman try it on at the Newport store. I didn't get it right away since it was $74 but once it hit the markdown rack, I pounced.

You can't tell much from this photo but it has many cute design details - a flattering cut that accentuates your bust and minimizes the waist, two different fabrics, gathers in the back, decorative stitching, an ipod pocket. This top is two pieces - a shrug that covers your shoulders and a tank.

I am a huge fan of all Lululemon's Tech wear since I do spin class and a lot of cardio. For breathability, nothing beats the Tech wear.

I got this top in the gorgeous signature color shown above, Anise, but one bad is that it totally shows perspiration marks but it is a price I am willing to pay for beauty.

Elite Gym Bag

I got this exact bag a few months ago on sale at the El Segundo store. This and the Activa Gym bag have been on markdowns for awhile. I've had quite a few compliments on it.

Unlike my old Nike bag, this one has lots of room and lots of pockets for my stuff. It has a separate pocket at the bottom which I use for my spin shoes. I always carry two hand towel sized gym towels, a comb, face cleansing cloths, a book, an ipod, and a jacket. This bag has room for all of that and more. There are two exterior pockets for water bottles plus two more exterior pockets. It even has a laptop pocket but that is where I put my cell phone and ipod. I like that it is all vinyl and is easy to keep clean. However, the houndstooth plaid pattern makes it difficult to see any dirt. I see some of the binding on the bottom of mine is starting to wear away so I'll keep an eye out for another bag on sale.

I looked at the Activa bag but although it is just as roomy and has lots of pockets, it is made of cloth on the outside. It also isn't nearly as good looking as this one.

Trail Tech LS

I bought the Trail Tech LS a couple of weeks ago. I haven't decided whether to take the tags off or return it. It was on the pricey side but I could totally see myself wearing it to walk the dogs at night. It's just that I never walk the dogs. It is warm so I'll only be able to wear it outside during the brutal SoCal winter season.

The one shown on the website is a boring solid purple but mine is this cute hot pink ombre' that transitions from hot pink to deep purple (in Lulu's palette, I believe it transitions from Razzmatazz to Hydrangea). I even got a matching headband to go with it.

I had to get a size down so it is a little snug which is one reason I am on the fence about it. It is made of Luxtreme and has a nice pocket for my ipod along the bottom left side. Now that I've seen the Wrap Tech and the Stretch Tech I may trade it in.

The store also had it in a black and white stripe but I thought I looked a little too much like the Hamburglar.

Steal On Ebay - Sportif Jacket

I just got a brand spanking new Sportif Running Jacket. I can't find any old pictures of it but it was out last spring and I remember lusting after it when I saw it in the store. It retailed for $115 but I got it off ebay for $35 plus shipping. The person who sold it obviously didn't know the thriving secondary Lululemon market that exists on Ebay and they set the start price way too low. Only one other person bid against me and I won it for a bid that was 24 cents higher than hers - ha!

It has so many nice features - a longer back so it kind of covers your rear, cuffins to keep your hands warms, and ipod cord holes to feed your headphone cords through the pocket and out at the neck of the jacket. It also has lots of venting to make it cool for running. I think it is very similar to the Boost jacket (from the photos).

Oldie but Goodie - Bella

Last spring I bought a Bella top in black. It was on markdown and I thought I could use it as a coverup. You have to wear it with your own bra. I have a few - the Swift Bra, the Lift and Separate, and the Deep V.

Since it's made of Luxtreme it is lightweight and wicking and I often wear it when its my weight lifting day especially now that it is cooler.

It hits me right above my hip bones and the open neckline helps keep me cool. I've had compliments on it when I wore it to spin class. I wrote Lululemon that they should reissue this top but put a mesh insert in the chest area to aid in cooling. Maybe they'll listen. ;-)

A bunch are showing up on ebay now so I just picked up another one in Champagne to go with my brown pants.

Zip UR Whisper - A New Favorite

I just may be the first person to wear this in the entire country! I bought it off Ebay from a lady in Canada. The Whisper Tank Renew with mesh is one of my favorite tops and when I saw the Zip UR on ebay I had to have it. I was lucky that no one else wanted it and got it for a smokin' deal. Lesson learned - set your start prices higher.

It has a zipper front and a mesh back in the shape of the Lululemon A. I was also lucky enough to score a matching headband at the store in Santa Monica. It's not so easy to find the matching color headband since they seem to lag by a good 6 months.

I actually called Lululemon to see if I could mail order one from them since they aren't available here in the States. However, they are only available in Canada. It just showed up on their website so I am hoping they are coming to the US Soon. I love the pattern they show on the website; mine is just a plain Razzmatazz pink but I love the mesh back and adjustable zipper.

A New Classic - The Vitalize Tank

I got the Vitalize Tank about a month ago. I got a black with the brownish leopard looking trim although it really isn't leopard pattern but some odd Lululemon photo pattern that I haven't spotted on anything else in the store.

It is a very flattering style - doesn't it look nice on the mannequin? I thought it looked great when it was on the hanger. It totally shows off the girls. Hip length so it covers my poochy belly. That is one thing I like about Lululemon - the tops are long. I bought a Nike tank top once that shrunk so it ended right below my waist. Not only did it cut me in half to make me look six inches shorter but it was a great way to draw attention to my saddlebags and bedonkadonk rear.

The Vitalize tank has a mesh bra (they call it Silverescent in the write up). The mesh bra is awesome. It really makes my back feel cooler when I start to sweat. I hope they start doing this in a lot of their tops. I know often the cup pockets are made of mesh but I like the mesh back.

I like the look of this top so much that I am tempted to wear it out with jeans.

Lulu Lust for the Wrap Tech Tank

Lululemon has finally! updated their website with some new designs. I can't wait to try on the Wrap Tech Tank. I love all of their designs with mesh backs ever since I got the Whisper Tank Renew with the mesh back and front last spring.