Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NEW! Mauvelous Gingham Run Times Shorts, New Mauvelous Energy Bra, Plush Petal Scuba, and More

I initially thought these were Purple Fog Gingham Run Times Shorts but I think it's more a mix of the new Mauvelous color and Purple Fog. The print is called Gin Gin Gingam.

The latest Run Times and Speed Short colors.

 The new Inkwell/Rugged Blue Sashico Star Run Times Shorts.

The new Hyperstripe Mauvelous/Heathered Black/ Deep Coal Energy Bra.

Also shown is the Find Your Centre Wrap

The Plush Petal Scuba

The Heathered Deep Coal Pace Tight. I tried on the Inspires in this color and really liked them. The material is silky, stretchy (the Inspire tag did not call the luxtreme fullux but just luxtreme) and nicely matte. I would love a pair of crops in this color but it will definitely show sweat.

Also shown are Om and Roam Tights.

Find Your Centre Wrap.

Om and Roam Tights

New sweater preview in the Groove pants uploaded tonight. I like it.

Another sweater was previewed in the gym bag photos.


The Bhakti Yoga jacket is back in Bordeaux Drama - so pretty! (US only)

Fluffin Awesome Jacket (Canada only) and Vest.

Pretty Inky Floral Fullux Wunder Under Pants.

Lots of new Swiftly tank colors - Heathered Bumble Berry, Space Dye Purple Fog, and Space Dye Real Teal. (US only)

Real Teal LS Swiftly

New color - Almost Pear Power Y. There is a new Energy Bra in this color, too.

Mauvelous Hyperstripe Cool Racerback

Canada got these Bumble Berry/Bordeaux Hyperstripe Pace Tights.

Canada also got these WUCs in Diamond Dot/ Petal Camo.

Refresher Racer in Toothpaste/Gray stripe.

The US got a dickie.

Purple Fog Heart Opener Scarf

Purple Fog Studio Jacket

Sashico Star Run Times Shorts

Canada got Fuel Green Skinny Will pants.

Practice cotton Groove Shorts

Om and Roam Tight Untights

Canada got a french terry Oh Hey shirt.

Plush Petal print Scuba. (US only)

Pretty Inky Floral french terry Vinyasa (US only)

Bumble Berry CRB (US only)

Rugged Blue Swiftly LS

So many goodies uploaded today. I thought about getting the Herringbone Wunder Under Pants but just contained myself to ordering the Bumble Berry Cool Racerback. I also bought the Rugged Blue Swiftly LS in the store earlier today. What did you get?

Oh yeah, some new (old?) pant design was previewed in the Brisk Run Gloves photos. Update - These are the Track to Reality Pant IIs.