Friday, October 24, 2014

New Camo Spotted on Instagram

lululemon camo flow y speed shorts run crops
Found on Instagram (thanks to Ms. P. for the tip) - some interesting new items from lululemon. I hope there is a filter on this photo and the camo is darker than it looks in this photo. I also hope it's the manifesto script-type, too. I can't see any writing but the camo has that same blotchy look as the Fuel Green and Going Grape Manifesto Script Camo. 

Brushed Black Grape Speed Tights, Clip in Bra, and New Reflective Gear

lululemon anytime skirt

lululemon anytime skirt and power y

lululemon clip in tank
Clip In Tank and Fuel Green Manifesto Scrip Camo Speed Shorts.

lululemon turn around tights
A photo that shows the Heathered Black Turn Around Tight. The black were lighter than I thought. I liked how they fit but they seemed a bit on the thin side to be very warm. They are too warm for me to wear running in SoCal but seem a bit thin to use for cooler days. I'll probably return them for a pair of Base Runner Pants, even though these tights are a relative deal at $88. I liked the fit though - the waistband was high and wide and they were comfy.

lululemon black grape speed tights

luluelmon clip in bra and crop

lululemon clip in bra and crop

lululemon reflective vest

lululemon reflective jacket

lululemon reflective vest and bra
New media photos of the Clip In Long Line Bra, Clip In Crops, Light and Bright Vest, Reflective In a Flash Bra, and Bright Bomber Jacket.

Black Base Runner Pants, New Blue Swiftly

lululemon swiftly ls base runner pant black

lululemon base runner pant
I think she is showing these layered over other pants.

lululemon base runner pant blue swiflty

lululemon base runner pant swiftly

base runner pant luluelmon swfitly

lululemon bust a move jacket base runner pant

lululemon base runner pant swiftly ls

lululemon inkwell black herringbone base runner pant
New Base Runners in the store - thanks to Ms. M.
inkwell stripe fabric
The Inkwell stripe Base Runner Pant. Thanks to Ms. M. for the close up.

lululemon base runner pant tag
The Black and Inkwell are $108. Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.

Photos of new Base Runner pants.  Also shown is a new Swiftly color - the color code is CDBG but I'm having hard time figuring out what color it might be. People who have seen the Swiftly in the store says the color reminds them of Pigment Blue. If anyone knows what this color is, can you post in? It looks a lot like the men's Space Dye Lux Indigo but the color code doesn't match up.

Base Runner Pants are Back!!!!

lululemon base runner pant
Oh. Ma. Gah. I was just thinking about Base Runner Pants today.  I tried on the Heathered Black Rulu Turn Around Tights in the store and liked them well enough, especially for the relative "bargain" price of $88, but was thinking how much better I would prefer a pair of Base Runner Pants. And, viola!  Look what popped up on my newsfeed - new Base Runner Pants in what looks like herringbone. Sweet. Last year the Base Runners were $108. I wonder if they'll stay at that price point. I wonder if this also means the Base Runner hoodie is also coming back. I hope so.