Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cool Racerback Being Discontinued - New CRBII on the Horizon for Fall

A rumor popped up in one of the groups that the CRB was going to be discontinued and replaced with a shorter version with a narrower racerback. After another member checked with her store management the story was refined to say (and this person saw the official corporate communication about this) that the CRB was not being discontinued but rather it was going to be on-line only for the fall (and unknown whether it would come back to being sold in the stores at a later time) and a new CRBII would be sold in the stores.

It seems the store stressed to second person that the CRB was not going to be discontinued BUT being moved to on-line only. I don't know who lululemon thinks they are fooling. We've seen this happen before with Scubas and Inspire crops, not to mention other items, and the original versions have not come back again. So, for all intents and purposes the CRB is being discontinued. If lululemon has seen a slow down in CRB sales it's entirely due to poor color and print offerings, not to the style itself. The special edition tweaks, such as the Exhale and Lace, were awesome. Lululemon should play with special editions and think more carefully about coordinating colors but I almost think once it's been decided a design is stale the design staff torpedos it with poor color and print choices so sales data backs up the decision. (Thanks to Ms. K. and L.for the heads up.)


I don't think there were that many truly new items in this upload. Shown above are Wunder Under and High Times in Metallic Lunatrix Heathered Deep Coal Silver. I am not loving these from the photos I've seen so far.

I am so tempted by this new Rose Blush Urbanite backpack but I know I'd get it dirty in a heartbeat.

Beat the Heat Crops

Speed Crops showed up in Gator, Inkwell, and Black. These colors are from last year so I wondering if this is left over product.

Flip Your Dog LS

The US got the Pavement Pusher Bra. I was thinking of ordering it but one review on the website says the bra is too tight and the other says the band is too loose and cups too small. I might order to decide for myself but right now it's just sitting in my cart.

I like these Wee Space Cool Cocoa Wunder Unders.

Wee Space Cool Cocoa Speed Track Shorts

City Sky Run By Tank

Get Away Crew. This looks like one of those quick turnaround group projects for leftover fabric. Easy pass.

Pace Rivals in the Paint Storm Print. I am debating ordering these but I have a feeling it's a print I'll tire of very quickly.

Paint Storm Power Y

Nothing for me. Did you get anything today?