Friday, November 21, 2014

Power Date Dress, City Tank, Sequin Snakeskin Tight, and More

lululemon power date dress urban-sanctuary-bag

lululemon city tank

lululemon city date dress
Ultra Violet City Tank

Coco Pique Base Runner Pant.

Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tight, Coco Pique Base Runner Pants, and More

lululemon snakeskin speed tight

lululemon bright bomber jacket
A couple more photos of the Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights. Shown with the Bright Bomber Jacket.

lululemon coco pique base runner

lululemon think fast boom juice ls

lululemon base runner pant
The new Coco Pique/Black Base Runner Pant, Boom Juice Think Fast Pullover, and Fluffed Up vest.

lululemon gray yogi crew sweater

lululemon gray yogi crew sweater

lululemon inkwell yogi crew sweater

lululemon inkwell yogi crew sweater

lululemon gray yogi crew sweater
More Yogi Crew Sweater photos.

Britt's Picks

lululemon feeling frosty softshell

There will be two product drops next week - one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. The jacket and pant from the winter sneak peek video have shown up. Canada is getting the Herringbone Define.

Speed Tight IIs in Stained Glass Love. They are made of fullux. Grrr. I really like these. I hope they show up in shorter crop.

The Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tight IIs are also coming.

Mini Prisma Nightfall Black Grape Wunder Under Pants.

Rugby Stripe LS Swiftly in Boom Juice. I sort of wanted a Boom Juice LS Swiftly but I am not a fan of the Rugby Stripe fabric.

There are three colors of half zip Swiftlys coming.

I don't usually love tees with writing but this one looks cute.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEW! Silver Urban Sanctuary Bag

lululemon silver urband sanctuary bag
New blingy silver (or, more likely, neutral blush) and black Urban Sanctuary bag. Love it!

lululemon mantra tote
Neutral Blush Mantra Tote - shiny side out and the reverse.

lululemon mantra tote

lululemon mantra tote inside
Found two more Mantra Tote photos. Hmm, the inside of this is different. I wonder if there is both a Neutral Blush and a Silver one.